Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

How much do Belubula Bulldog puppies cost?

Due to a number of factors unique to each pregnancy and litter (such as birthing and special rearing costs), we do not provide individual puppy pricing until we are ready to select our puppies forever homes.

What puppy transport options are available?

Our options for puppy transport include:

  • Pick up from Belubula Bulldogs (free). We are located 3.5 hours drive from Sydney, and 2.5 hours drive from Canberra.
  • Pooled Puppy Transport Day (free). For most litters we organise a pooled puppy transport day to a central location for new puppy owners (usually Sydney).
  • (NSW / ACT Only) - Transport to your home / other chosen location. This option is subject to a fee based on the destination suburb.
  • (UNAVAILABLE DURING COVID) - We can fly puppies to an airport of your choice. This option is subject to a fee based on the chosen airports.

What is the process for purchasing a puppy?

Please visit our Puppies page, and scroll down to 'How to reserve your puppy' for further information.

When will my puppy be ready to take home?

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age, depending on their individual development. We will get in touch with you to let you know when your puppy will be ready to go to their forever home.

Why did we choose the name 'Belubula', and how is it pronounced?

The Belubula River is an important water source that runs through the Belubula Bulldogs kennels and farm land, and is pronouced by locals as: BEH-LAB-YOU-LA

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