Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA)

The MDBA was established in 2004. It is a peak Australian regulatory body servicing, representing and uniting a wide range of canine enthusiasts, including purebred dog breeders, dog welfare and rescue organisations, professional people working with canines and responsible pet owners.


The aims of the MDBA are to:

  • Provide a regulatory body to increase the standards of dog breeding, welfare, ownership and care.

  • Work in co-operation with government, animal welfare agencies, and other reputable organisations to provide effective and manageable policies for pet ownership and management;

  • To be strongly committed to the promotion of responsible pet ownership with a focus on animal welfare issues;

  • To promote, recognise and celebrate excellence in dog breeding and practices, animal welfare, ownership and animal related services, and

  • Provide an education system in all aspects of dog breeding, welfare, ownership and care.


Breeder members of the MDBA commit to abiding by a Code of Ethics and Conduct that is one of the toughest codes worldwide. This agreement places them in a position where they voluntarily agree to work to a standard not demanded of most others.

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Our Puppy Guarantee

At Belubula Bulldogs the welfare of our animals is our utmost priority, and we want all our dogs to receive the loving and responsible care they truly deserve. We feel the best way to ensure  puppy happiness is with your complete satisfaction. Everything we do is designed to breed the healthiest, happiest puppies possible, but we are not able to guarantee against things that can happen to living animals that are beyond our control. We can guarantee that your puppy will have his/her vaccinations up to date, have been treated for worms, will be microchipped for proper identification, and will be in good health at the time they go to their forever home.